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Volume 5, Issue 1
New Zealand and Counter Terrorism Special Issue

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Volume 4

Counter Terrorism: Intelligence and the Fire Service
Miletta, Samuel
Keywords: Counter-terrorism, intelligence, network fusion, fire service, national security

Maritime Connections between New Zealand and Sri Lanka: Connected by Empire, Separated by Distance
Senaratne, Bhagya & Nicklin, Germana 
Keywords: British Empire, Island-state, Maritime Security, Maritime Connections, New Zealand, Sri Lanka

A Counter-Drone Strategy for New Zealand
Shelley, Andrew. V.
Keywords: Civil Aviation Bill, counter-drone, drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems, risk analysis, security strategy 

The Violent Extremism Ideological Framework Explained
Authored by The Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG)

Understanding National Security as Contextual: The Implications for Small State Defence Policy
Johanson, T.
Keywords: National Security, military forces, small states, defence policy, international security

Book Review – ‘Outlaw Bikers and Ancient Warbands: Hyper-Masculinity and Cultural Continuity’
Authored by Carl Bradley, Springer Nature, 2021
Reviewed by Damien Rogers


Volume 3, Issue 4
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Special Issue

Introduction – SIPRI Special Issue
(Updated 01 March 2022)
by Rouben Azizian & Lora Saalman

The South Asia Stability-Instability Paradox Under the Nuclear Shadow
Brewster, David
Keywords: Nuclear Deterrence, South Asia, Stability-Instability Paradox

Developing a Framework for Evaluating Nuclear Risks in South Asia
Jingdong Yuan
Keywords: No First Use, Nuclear Risks, South Asia, Technologies, Nuclear Escalation,
Nuclear Doctrine

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from India’s Perspective
Sharma, Armit
Keywords: South Asia, Terrorism, Nuclear Flashpoint, Strategic Stability

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from Pakistan’s Perspective
Sultan, Adil
Keywords: Cold Start Strategy, Pro-active Operations Strategy, Full Spectrum Deterrence, No First Use, South Asia

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from China’s Perspective
Wang Dehua
Keywords: South Asia, Nuclear, Deterrence, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Understanding Nuclear Postures, Weapons and Technologies in South Asia
Khanijo, Roshan
Keywords: Emerging Technologies, Strategic Stability, Second-strike Capability, Full-Spectrum Deterrence, Asymmetric Warfare

Evaluating the Intersection of Technology and Nuclear Escalation in South Asia
Chen Kaiman
Keywords: nuclear escalation, Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, South Asia

Addressing Nuclear Challenges, Misperceptions and Geopolitics in South Asia
Chaudhry, Aizaz Ahmad
Keywords: South Asia, Strategic Stability, Nuclear Deterrence, Confidence-building Measures

Nuclear Posture and Technology Trends in South Asia and Ways Ahead
Stefanovich, Dmitry
Keywords: South Asia, nuclear weapons, strategic stability, arms control, nuclear proliferation, emerging technologies

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