Volume 2 (2020)

Volume 2, Issue 1 – 2020

by Rouben Azizian & John Battersby

In Search of a Legal Solution to the Weaponisation of Space: A Russian Perspective
Author: Yevgeny K. Zvedre
Keywords: Weaponisation of Space, Principles and Norms Governing Peaceful Exploration of Outer Space, Anti-satellite Weapon Systems, Further Development of International Space Law, Initiatives to Prevent Deployment of Attack Weapons in Space, Space Security.

New Zealand’s Counter-terrorism Strategy: A Critical Assessment
Authors: Battersby, J., Ball, R., & Nelson, N.
Keywords: New Zealand, Counter-terrorism, Violent Extremism, Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism National Strategy, Political Violence, Stolberg, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Terrorism.

Maintaining Social Licence for Government Use of False Social Media Personas
Authors: Cleaver, O. & Nicklin, G.
Keywords: SOCMINT, Social Media Policy, Facebook, False Personas, Social Licence, Privacy, Public Expectations, Trust and Confidence, Security, Intelligence

The Inconsistent Usage of the Terms “Extremism” and “Terrorism” Around the Christchurch Mosque Attacks
Authors: Holly Vandenberg & William Hoverd
Keywords: Christchurch Terror Attack, National Security, Extremism, Terrorism, New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, Counter Terrorism, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, New Zealand Police and the Government Communication Security Bureau.

Outlaw Bikers and Patched Street Gangs: The Nexus Between Violence and Shadow Economy
Author: Bradley, C.
Keywords: Outlaw Bikers, Patched Street Gangs, Shadow Economics, Violence, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Why This Time is Different: The North Korea Crisis and New Zealand’s Interests
Author: Steff, R.
Keywords: New Zealand, North Korea, Northeast Asia, Trump Administration, Balance of Power, Nuclear Proliferation, Rapprochement.