Volume 3 (2021)

Volume 3, Issue 4
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Special Issue

Introduction – SIPRI Special Issue
(Updated 01 March 2022)
by Rouben Azizian & Lora Saalman

The South Asia Stability-Instability Paradox Under the Nuclear Shadow
Brewster, David
Keywords: Nuclear Deterrence, South Asia, Stability-Instability Paradox

Developing a Framework for Evaluating Nuclear Risks in South Asia
Jingdong Yuan
Keywords: No First Use, Nuclear Risks, South Asia, Technologies, Nuclear Escalation,
Nuclear Doctrine

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from India’s Perspective
Sharma, Armit
Keywords: South Asia, Terrorism, Nuclear Flashpoint, Strategic Stability

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from Pakistan’s Perspective
Sultan, Adil
Keywords: Cold Start Strategy, Pro-active Operations Strategy, Full Spectrum Deterrence, No First Use, South Asia

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from China’s Perspective
Wang Dehua
Keywords: South Asia, Nuclear, Deterrence, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Understanding Nuclear Postures, Weapons and Technologies in South Asia
Khanijo, Roshan
Keywords: Emerging Technologies, Strategic Stability, Second-strike Capability, Full-Spectrum Deterrence, Asymmetric Warfare

Evaluating the Intersection of Technology and Nuclear Escalation in South Asia
Chen Kaiman
Keywords: nuclear escalation, Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, South Asia

Addressing Nuclear Challenges, Misperceptions and Geopolitics in South Asia
Chaudhry, Aizaz Ahmad
Keywords: South Asia, Strategic Stability, Nuclear Deterrence, Confidence-building Measures

Nuclear Posture and Technology Trends in South Asia and Ways Ahead
Stefanovich, Dmitry
Keywords: South Asia, nuclear weapons, strategic stability, arms control, nuclear proliferation, emerging technologies

Volume 3, Issue 3

Quantifying the Cost of Drone-Related Threats in New Zealand
Shelley, Andrew. V.
Keywords: Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems, risk analysis, terrorism

Reconfiguring the Relationship Between Intelligence Professionals and the Public: A First Step Towards Democratising New Zealand’s National Security?
Rogers, Damien & Mawdsley, Shaun
Keywords: Terrorism, Public inquiries, Official Secrecy, Transparency, Expertise

Understanding Lone-Actor Terrorists: The Global Context and How it can be Applied to New Zealand
Tillett, Josinta
Keywords: Lone-Actor Terrorist, Terrorism, New Zealand, al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Right Wing Extremism, Risk Indicators, Protective Factors

Covid-19 and the China Challenge: Interrogating the Domestic-International Nexus in Beijing’s Coronavirus Response
Ho, Benjamin Tze Ern
Keywords: Covid-19, China, Beijing, Coronavirus, Coronavirus responseinternational politics, Asia-Pacific

Assessing Terrorism Threats to New Zealand: The role of the Combined Threat Assessment Group
Combined Terrorism Threat Assessment Group (CTAG) 
Keywords: Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG), Threat Assessment, National Terrorism Threat Level, National Security System.

Book Review – ‘Mosul: Australia’s Secret War Inside the ISIS Caliphate’
Authored by Ben McKelvey, Hachette Australia, 2020
Reviewed by John Battersby

Book Review – ‘The Shadow War: Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America’
Authored by Jim Sciutto, Harper, 2019
Reviewed by John Battersby

Book Review – ‘Spooked: The Secret Rise of Private Spies’
Authored by Barry Meier, Spectre Publishers, 2021
Reviewed by John Battersby

Volume 3, Issue 2 – Indo-Pacific Special Issue

Editors Foreword – Indo-Pacific Special Issue
by Nicholas Khoo and Alex Tan

The Trump Administration and the United States’ China Engagement Policy
Khoo, Nicholas
Keywords: US engagement policy, Sino-US conflict, identity, neorealism, state interests, distribution of capabilities, New Zealand non-alignment. 

The Biden Administration and New Zealand’s Strategic Options: Asymmetric Hedging, Tight Five Eyes Alignment, and Armed Neutrality
Steff, Reuben
Keywords: Small States, Great Power Competition, New Zealand, United States, Five Eyes, China, South Pacific, Indo Pacific, South Pacific, Hedging, Armed Neutrality, Shelter Theory, Biden Administration.

Securing the Maritime Domain: U.S. and New Zealand in a Bordered Pacific
Nicklin, Germana
Keywords: Maritime security, Pacific, borderscape, Indo-Pacific, United States, New Zealand.

The Philippines’ Institutionalised Alliance with the US: Surviving Duterte’s China Appeasement Policy
Wong, Andrea Chloe & Tan, Alexander C.
Keywords: US, Philippines, Security partnership, alliance institutionalisation, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Rethinking Threat in China’s South Pacific Presence
Noakes, Stephen
Keywords: China, threat theory, geopolitics, Belt and Road Initiative, Pacific Island Countries, Indo-Pacific.

Volume 3, Issue 1 – Women and Security Special Issue

Guest Editorial – Women and Security Special Issue
by Dr Negar Partow

From Hijackings to Right-Wing Extremism: The Drivers of New Zealand’s Counter-terrorism Legislation 1977 – 2020
Webb, Sheridan

Keywords: Terrorism, Counter Terrorism, International Terrorism (Emergency Powers) Act, Terrorism Suppression Act, Christchurch terror attack, Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill, Foreign Terrorist Fighters.

Using Communication Strategies to Operationalise United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325
Bibby, Claire
Keywords: New Zealand Police, International Security, Peacekeeping, Asia-Pacific, Gender, Communication, Image, Visual Representation, Language, Culture and Religion, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.

Evolution of the Abortion Law and Its Practice in Poland Against the Background of the Current Legal Framework in New Zealand
Eska-Mikołajewska, Justyna 
Keywords: Abortion Ban, Poland, Abortion Legislation Reform, Abortion Legislation Act, New Zealand.

Community Policing and the Syrian Refugee Community in Wellington District
Tohill, Yvette
Keywords: New Zealand Police, refugee communities, Syrian refugees, Wellington, New Zealand, Syrian Civil War, re-settlement, refugee experiences, Community Policing, ethnicity.

Reframing New Zealand’s Biosecurity Conversation Post-Covid-19: An Argument for Integrating Interspecies Concerns
McDonald, D. A.
Keywords: Biosecurity, COVID-19, Human Health, National Security, New Zealand.

Book Review – ‘Going Dark: The Secret Social Lives of Extremists’
Authored by Julia Ebner, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020
Reviewed by Nicola Macaulay