Volume 5 (2023)

Mental Health, Messaging and Security in Times of Crisis
Mortensen, James & Gibson, Andrew J.
Keywords: Conspiracy theories, psychology, sociology, crisis, security policy, government messaging

A New Role for New Zealand in the Pacific 
Hon. Derek Quigley

Fusing Intelligence and Strategy Capabilities: The MIQ Experience
Kay, Harriet, Keymer, Paul, Mackey, Sarah & Vickers, Shae

Book Review – State of Threat: The Challenges to Aoteoroa New Zealand’s National Security
Wil Hoverd & Deidre Ann McDonald Editors, Massey University Press, 2023
Reviewed by Dan Wildy

Volume 5, Issue 1
New Zealand and Counter Terrorism Special Issue

Trans-disciplinary Dialogue on New Zealand’s Counter Terrorism Approach: A Call to Action for Researchers
Jackson, Richard & Rogers, Damien

Action Zealandia, New Zealand’s Aspiring Brownshirts
Wilson, Chris & Halpin, James
Keywords: Action Zealandia, Extremism, Terrorism, New Zealand, Far Right, White Nationalism

Left-wing Violent Extremism: Identifying Precursors and Growth in New Zealand
Tibby, Che & Bayly, Cameron
Keywords: Left-wing extremism; New Zealand; violent extremism; national security.

Modelling Radicalisation: Applying Situational Action Theory to the Christchurch Attacks
Desai, Vikrant
Keywords: Radicalisation, terrorism, violent extremism, Situational Action Theory of crime, criminology, interventions

News Media and the Public Discourse on Terrorism in Aotearoa New Zealand
Qiwei Kang
Keywords: Critical Terrorism Studies, Discourse Analysis, News Media, Christchurch terrorist attacks

A History of Violence: A Critical Overview of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Approach to Terrorism
Le Gros, Lydia
Keywords: New Zealand, terrorism, legislation, history, colonisation, News Media and the Public Discourse on Terrorism in Aotearoa New Zealand

Unpacking Foreign Fighting: New Zealand’s Legislative Responses to Transnational Combatants
Llyodd, Marnie
Keywords: New Zealand; law; armed conflict; solidarity; foreign fighting; foreign enlistment; counterterrorism; mercenaries; Ukraine; Syria

Towards a Decolonial Approach to New Zealand’s Counter Terrorism: Afrocentric Perspectives
Achieng, Shirley
Keywords: counterterrorism, decolonial, epistemic reconstitution, coloniality, othering, Afrocentrism

Restorative Justice, Social Cohesion, and Preventing and Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism: Time for a New Zealand Praxis?
Simons, Jeremy
Keywords: Restorative Justice, Peacebuilding, Social Cohesion, Terrorism and Violent Extremism, Binding, Bonding, Bridging, Linking, Bi-cultural, Māori