A New Role for New Zealand in the Pacific 

Authors: Hon. Derek Quigley1

Published in National Security Journal, 03 September 2023

DOI: 10.36878/nsj20230309.03

Download full PDF version – A New Role for New Zealand in the Pacific (366KB)


New Zealand is at huge risk strategically but the powers that be either don’t seem to realise it, or if they do, are doing very little about it. This paper suggests that it could be beneficial for New Zealand to assume a lead role – in partnership with Pacific nations – in the coordination of regional climate change initiatives, and also discusses options for the New Zealand Defence Force, including joining with Australia in the formation of an ANZAC Force.


1 Derek Quigley is a former New Zealand Cabinet Minister. He chaired the New Zealand Defence Resource Management Review which led to major NZDF reforms, and the New Zealand Parliamentary Select Committee’s Defence Beyond 2000 Report which led to the Clark government’s defence restructuring. Quigley also reviewed the F-16 contract between New Zealand Government and the US administration, and authored The War against Defence Restructuring (CP 166) while he was a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre. His email contact is quig_mca@hotmail.com.