Volume 1 (2019)

Volume 1, Issue 1 – 2019

Editorial – Welcome to the National Security Journal
By Rouben Azizian, Editor-in-Chief

Time for a National Security Strategy
Rothery, C.
Keywords: New Zealand,  National Security Framework, Intelligence and Security, Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Counter-Terrorism, Cyber Security, Defence

The Changing New Zealand National Security Environment: New Threats, New Structures, and New Research
Hoverd, W. J.
Keywords: New Zealand, National Security System, Cybersecurity, Terrorism, Climate Change, Mycoplasma bovis, Christchurch, Intelligence, New Zealand Defence Force

The Ghost of New Zealand’s Terrorism Past and Present
Battersby, J. M.
Keywords:  New Zealand, Terrorism, Left-Wing Extremism, Right-Wing Extremism, Christchurch, Suppression of Terrorism Act

Research Approaches to Terrorism: A Way Forward for New Zealand
Barnett, E. & Nelson, N. R.
Keywords: New Zealand, Terrorism, Research, Traditional Terrorism Studies, Orthodox Terrorism Studies, Critical Terrorism Studies

Counterfeiting in the Primary Industry Sector and the Threat to New Zealand’s Economy
Ball, R. & Quirke, S.
Keywords: Counterfeiting, Intellectual Property Theft, Deception, Adulteration, Tampering, Simulation, Misrepresentation, Product Fraud, Private Sector, Partnership, Primary Industry, New Zealand, Economic Motivation

Securing Public Places: New Zealand’s Private Security Sector as a National Security Enabler
Dynon, N.
Keywords: New Zealand, National Security, Counter-terrorism, Crowded places, Public spaces, Private Security, Police, Public-private Partnership