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Volume 3, Issue 4
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Special Issue

by Rouben Azizian & Lora Saalman

The South Asia Stability-Instability Paradox Under the Nuclear Shadow
Brewster, David
Keywords: Nuclear Deterrence, South Asia, Stability-Instability Paradox

Developing a Framework for Evaluating Nuclear Risks in South Asia
Jingdong Yuan
Keywords: No First Use, Nuclear Risks, South Asia, Technologies, Nuclear Escalation,
Nuclear Doctrine

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from India’s Perspective
Sharma, Armit
Keywords: South Asia, Terrorism, Nuclear Flashpoint, Strategic Stability

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from Pakistan’s Perspective
Sultan, Adil
Keywords: Cold Start Strategy, Pro-active Operations Strategy, Full Spectrum Deterrence, No First Use, South Asia

Challenges in Nuclear Posture and Deterrence from China’s Perspective
Wang Dehua
Keywords: South Asia, Nuclear, Deterrence, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Volume 3, Issue 3

Quantifying the Cost of Drone-Related Threats in New Zealand
Shelley, Andrew. V.
Keywords: Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Risk Analysis, Terrorism

Reconfiguring the Relationship Between Intelligence Professionals and the Public: A First Step Towards Democratising New Zealand’s National Security?
Rogers, Damien & Mawdsley, Shaun
Keywords: Terrorism, Public inquiries, Official Secrecy, Transparency, Expertise

Understanding Lone-Actor Terrorists: The Global Context and How it can be Applied to New Zealand
Tillett, Josinta
Keywords: Lone-Actor Terrorist, Terrorism, New Zealand, al- Qaeda, Islamic State, Right Wing Extremism, Risk Indicators, Protective Factors

Covid-19 and the China Challenge: Interrogating the Domestic-International Nexus in Beijing’s Coronavirus Response
Ho, Benjamin Tze Ern
Keywords: Covid-19, China, Beijing, Coronavirus, Coronavirus responseinternational politics, Asia-Pacific

Book Review – ‘Mosul: Australia’s Secret War Inside the ISIS Caliphate
Authored by Ben McKelvey, Hachette Australia, 2020
Reviewed by John Battersby

Book Review – ‘The Shadow War: Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America’
Authored by Jim Sciutto, Harper, 2019
Reviewed by John Battersby

Book Review – ‘Spooked: The Secret Rise of Private Spies’
Authored by Barry Meier, Spectre Publishers, 2021
Reviewed by John Battersby

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