Using Communication Strategies to Operationalise United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325

Author: Bibby, Claire1
Published in National Security Journal, 05 April 2021

Figure 1 - Age bracket of NZ Police survey respondents

Figure 1: Age bracket of NZ Police survey respondents

Relevance of gender to policing

The Policing Act 2008 provides for the governance and administration of the NZ Police. The Act is based on the following principles:

        1. principled, effective, and efficient policing services are a cornerstone of a free and democratic society under the rule of law;
        2. effective policing relies on a wide measure of public support and confidence;
        3. policing services are provided under a national framework but also have a local community focus;
        4. policing services are provided in a manner that respects human rights;
        5. policing services are provided independently and impartially;
        6. in providing policing services every Police employee is required to act professionally, ethically, and with.

When asked “How relevant is gender to the principles of policing?”, there was a statistically significant variance in the response to this question between males and females. Thirty-two females (68%) said gender is very relevant to policing and one said it is the main focus. This compared to 40 males (42%) who said gender is very relevant to the principles of policing. A total 51 males (54.26%) felt it is relevant to a limited degree or not relevant at all compared to 13 females (27.66%).